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Call for collaboration at Why Sports 2017

Collinson’s own John Lomas is attending the Why Sports Conference in London today, where big speakers like chief executive of London Sport Peter Fitzboydon are calling for collaboration in the sporting sector.

Speaking today, Fitzboydon issued an emphatic message to the industry along the vein of ‘stronger together than stronger apart’. Leisure industries are neck and neck for the public’s time and attention, something which he believes could be remedied by better cooperation within the sports sector.

“It’s us against shopping,” Fitzboydon said, as he emphasised looking at external competitors before looking inward. It’s true that multiple sectors abound under the ‘leisure’ umbrella, all with a common goal—to encourage public participation.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend, and all that; but Fitzboydon’s message was far more positive.

“If the market is bigger, ultimately we all benefit from it.” For a competitive industry, it’s a refreshingly positive call to action.

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