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Sport Wales appoints first ever director of community engagement

Sport Wales wants to offer activities that are attractive to everyone. To achieve this, the organisation has appointed Gareth Williams to act as its first ever director of community engagement, with immediate effect.

In a statement, Sport Wales said “changing social trends”, “advances in technology” and “competing for the Welsh public’s attention” mandated creation of the new role.

Williams, a former director of sports development at Sport Wales, wants to ensure future programmes will “tackle the barriers that prevent people from participating in sport.” 

In his capacity as director of community engagement, Williams will be leading the organisation’s work with communities and partners across Wales.

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Sarah Powell, Sport Wales CEO, stated Sport Wales plays a “vital role” in supporting partners “to enable more people, whatever their background or personal circumstance, to enjoy the benefits of being active and fitter.”

The organisation is keen to address people’s motivations for engaging or failing to engage in activities.

Said Powell: “We recognise the need to better understand the motivations and barriers to engaging in sport, to ensure the sporting offer is appropriate for people’s needs and is provided in a way that makes them want to continue being active.”

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